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The Rug Renovator Tool eliminates the need to bend down and scrub carpets & area rugs anymore.

The Spotty Cleaning Brush

The Rug Renovator™

The patented Rug Renovator™ combines excellent cleaning features into 1 very versatile, effective and efficient cleaning product.

  • Sturdy, adjustable handle allows consumers to work at a comfortable and ergonomic operating position.
  • Radial curvature of the brush allows more uniform distribution of the cleaning chemicals.
  • Side wheels give support to the brush block creating a constant angle for the brush to clean effectively.
  • Two Carpet Brush selections - easy (Light Blue bristles) or aggressive (Dark Blue bristles) - give you the flexibility to clean different types of carpet, area rugs, spots and stains
  • The Rug Renovator is lightweight, durable and has a retractable handle for easy storage.
  • Consumers save money and see great results versus paying a professional cleaning company.

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Rug Renovator Shampoo

Scot Labs Pet Stain Remover

CWP Tile & Grout Cleaner


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Rug Renovator® with Wine-X

About Rug Renovator™

Today's consumer takes great pride in their home. Keeping your home clean, comfortable, and attractive requires ongoing maintenance. Foot traffic, pets, and gravity mean that carpeting, area rugs and tiled surfaces collect more dirt, hair, crumbs, allergens and spills than any other household surface. Over time, routine vacuuming and sweeping alone are not sufficient to remove spills, stubborn stains, worn-in dirt, or embedded debris. The secret to the Rug Renovator™ is the special brush design and the advanced chemistry of our cleaners working together in harmony.

The patented Rug Renovator™ from CWP Technologies is the tool savvy consumers can use along with our Rug Renovator Shampoo to renew the look of any rug or carpeted area.

The Rug Renovator™ floor cleaning tool is also the answer for those of you who are tired of getting on your hands and knees to clean Rugs or Carpeted floors.

The Rug Renovator™ cleaning system saves consumers time and money versus having their Rugs or Carpets professionally cleaned.

CWP's Rug Renovator Carpet Shampoo is the carpet companion to the Rug Renovator™ Brush tool. This heavy duty carpet shampoo can be used on all types of carpeted surfaces including area rugs.

Rug Renovator Carpet Shampoo:

  • Advanced encapsulating cleaning formula that the pro's use for cleaning and spot removal
  • Safe to use on all area, throw, sectional and Oriental Rugs, as well as carpeted areas
  • Leaves no sticky residue which keeps your carpet looking cleaner longer
  • Great for homes with pets who like to lay in one area or on area rugs which get dirty quicker than other areas
  • You can erase traffic patterns, remove stains and revitalize your carpet all with this one product
  • CWP’s advanced formula with special foaming spray nozzle does not overly wet carpet while cleaning which allows the carpet to dry faster

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